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Role Intensive

This class is designed for actors who want to achieve a higher level and standard for their acting career. 

Acting is an art that requires you to access your truest authentic expressions. When one can fully express themself in any situation, then you can play any role.

In order to attend this class you must complete the Scene Study class beforehand.

This class is not for beginners, the Scene Study or Improvisation class are for newer actors.

Role Intensive is divided into 4 levels, each with a duration of a month. 

The 1st level is about breakdown the story/script and your character/role. Script management proper reading.

The 2nd level you'll learn to discover the world your character resides, 

The 3rd level you'll learn to physically live the character. 

Level 4, you'll bring your character to life. 2 weeks rehearsals, 1 week set dec, final week we film your scene.

$550.00 4 months

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