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The word repetition is about learning to work spontaneously and with a sense of play and fun. It's also about tapping into the actors authenticity and immediacy. The exercise has several objectives that it can achieve. The main objective here is to increase the actors reliance on their own instincts.
Greater listening between actors, shift the actor's attention away from their own self-consciousness and onto the other actor in the exercise. The repetition exercise reduces the importance of the words that will eventually come from the a script. The back and forth repetition of the words trains the actor to make words less relevant. The focus instead, shifts to acting and reacting spontaneously to what the actor's scene partner is doing in the moment.
Actors will engage in an exercise that's simple, but increasingly more complex repetition. Usually sitting or standing across from each other, one actors makes a statement and the other actor simply repeats that statement. Over time, the repetition exercise becomes more complex. Statement about mood and behaviour can now be incorporated.
Sandford Meisner is the creator of the Repetition Exercise. Sandy trained with Lee Strasberg from the Group Theatre in the 1930's. Sandford grew weary of Lee's technique, which required actors to access emotions from past life experiences and inject that into their performance. Stella Adler also grew weary and traveled to France to meet with Konstantin Stanislavski. To her surprise Konstantin had abandoned Lee's Strasberg's technique, favoring his focus on physical action, instead.
Sandford eventually shifted away from Strasberg's technique. Sandford's technique emphasized on instincts and spontaneity, rather than past memories. His collection of interdependent training exercises became known as the Meisner Technique. 

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